Stamping, Hardening & Alignment

In over 125 years of company history, Scherenmanufaktur PAUL has mastered the art of stamped scissor production. The blanks are predominantly stamped from high-grade stainless Solingen steel.

In our own production sector, we also manufacture forged scissors. In this production process, the entire scissor is made of stainless steel. It is hot-forged in one piece and hand-crafted.

The decisive factor for efficient cutting performance and durability of the scissors is the degree of hardness of the steel. For this reason, we subject the blanks to a hardening process called tempering which evenly distributes the basic components in the material to toughen the material.
This includes heating the blades in a hardening oven to temperatures that well exceed 1000 degrees centigrade and then immediately cooling them back down to below minus 100 degrees centigrade.

In a final step, the scissor halves are aligned: a skilled employee inspects each individual blade to see whether it has the correct initial tension, and adjusts it manually with the help of an impact tool – a procedure that requires years of experience.