Beautiful things must be treated with care


We guarantee you scissors of superior quality and long-term durability. When treated with due attention, this precision instrument will accompany you throughout a lifetime. We recommend that you use a pair of scissors for the purpose it was designed for; this guarantees excellent cutting performance.


Although our scissors would survive a bout in the dishwasher, we instead recommend rinsing under warm running water with a bit of dishwashing liquid. Please don’t abuse your scissors with an abrasive scrubbing sponge; it causes ugly scratches and can diminish cutting performance.


Your scissor would prefer to be kept in a clean, dry place. The scissors will retain its smooth handling properties if a small drop of mineral oil is put on the screw slot every now and then. You will find the ideal special oil in our web shop.


A pair of scissors that has fallen to the ground can get warped – let a professional check whether it requires alignment. In the event that your scissors becomes dull after long-term, intensive use, it can be sharpened by a specialist. Contact us – we will be happy to recommend one of our competent service partners to promptly and effectively restore your scissors to perfect working order.