Quality Features

Functionality, ergonomics and workmanship – the features of quality

FUNCTIONALITY, of course, is based primarily on a pair of scissors being sharp. This is the result of the angle of the cutting edge – also known as the grind. Each application requires a different angle and in order for this to be optimally realised, we grind our scissors by hand.
We use superior quality raw materials to keep our scissors sustainably sharp: Solingen steel. This is stamped, tempered and aligned until it meets our high standard of quality.

Most of our scissors are fastened with a connecting screw in a special bushing made of glass fibre reinforced polyamide. This screw connection was developed in-house, is flexible, wear-free, gives the scissors stability, and allows for readjustment. Sustainability is of particular importance to us: a professional can remove the screw to regrind the scissors – this provides it with an exceptionally long service life.

The sharpest pair of scissors would be useless if it didn’t rest comfortably in your hand. Here is where ERGONOMICS comes in: our scissors can be opened and closed with a uniform minimum amount of force, which is the result of minimal friction due to precision grinding of the inner surfaces of the blades.
The form of our handles and the eye of the scissors anatomically conform to the human hand, so that the scissors can be guided safely and without causing fatigue, and that the force of your hand is optimally transferred to the cutting edge.

Functionality and ergonomics are the result of highest quality WORKMANSHIP. The surface of our scissors is smooth, accurately ground and meticulously brushed or polished. The friction is optimally adjusted; the inside of the eye of the scissors is de-burred and smooth. The tips of the scissor blades are perfectly aligned when closed. The scissors cuts along the entire length of the material – from the tip to end – well, neatly and without catching. Each pair of scissors is oiled and manually tested for cutting ease and performance before leaving the premises.

While this may not be a matter of course at every company, for our manufactory it is a matter of pride. You can see and feel the quality of our scissors.