Just What the Doctor Ordered:

Medical scissors

From the general practitioner’s office to the high-tech operating room: scissors are precision instruments that medicine can’t do without. Their most basic applications include cutting bandage material, but many patients have also experienced that a cast is finally “cracked” after weeks of wear – with a special pair of scissors.

The requirements that are placed on medical scissors are extremely high. Their cutting properties must be highly accurate and reliable. Although they are exceptionally sharp, they should not accidently injure the patients, which is why they frequently are produced with rounded points and with particularly carefully de-burred edges. Above all, they must be absolutely hygienic. As a result, some scissors are produced entirely out of steel and can be easily sterilised. If a physician needs a pair of scissors with handles, to prevent the instrument from slipping, then we select synthetic material that is antibacterial.

We are currently developing the professional medical and surgical scissors sector. Feel free to contact us for the custom development of the scissors that you require in your medical field!