The Creative Ones:
Scissors for Sewing and Handicrafts

Sewing and Tailor Scissors

Whether sewing is your passion or your profession – you will want to have a small collection of scissors at your disposal. This, due to the fact that a wide variety of materials can be found on your sewing table, like structured dress fabric and lightweight silk, thick padding and sturdy upholstery fabric, leather or felt, and much more. To enable you to cut all of these precisely and effortlessly, we make special scissors with ideal cutting properties for each respective purpose.

To make your work easy, we even have the purpose-perfect pair of scissors for sewing tasks like trimming edges, cutting thread, or opening seams.

Handicraft Scissors

Embroidery and knitting, patchworking and crocheting – those who invest patience and dedication to cultivate the diversified art of handicraft work, also treasure the special scissors made expressly for these tasks.