Tailor’s Scissors

The lower blade of a tailor’s scissors lies flat while cutting and with ist entire length along the work surface, which prevents the fabric from gathering and slipping. The handle is ergonomically formed, with up to four fingers able to enter the large, lower eye to efficiently transfer the force of the hand to the blade. This makes it possible to even precisely cut several layers of fabric at once.

Our stamped stainless steel scissors have ergonomically formed plastic handles and are lightweight, which facilitates fatigue-free working. Their solid blades are characterised by a dual-surface facet grind. The tension of the sturdy screw is adjustable, in order to optimise cutting performance for light to medium cutting projects. The forged tailor’s scissors have either polished or lacquered handles; their blades are nickel-plated. A selection of scissors has an additional support on the outside to facilitate straight cutting.

The professional tailor’s scissors is ideal e.g. for clothing fabrics, curtains, thinner leather or rubberised fabrics. For heavier material, we recommend the leather shears.