Fabric and Tailor Scissors

This type of scissors is asymmetrically shaped: the lower blade lies flat during cutting and its entire length lies along the working surface; this ensures that the fabric is not lifted during cutting and does not slip. The handle is ergonomically formed and has one small and one large eye, in which two to four fingers can be entered to efficiently transfer the force of the hand to the blades.
Depending on the fabric, there is a choice of various sizes. Long, heavy tailor scissors have particularly good leverage efficiency – when in doubt, choose the heavier pair of scissors, especially for thick textiles or several layers of fabric.
We produce forged tailor scissors made entirely of high-grade steel, as well as stamped stainless steel scissors with plastic handles. The dual-surface precision grind ensures easy and accurate cutting in any case. The tension of the screw can be adjusted in order to optimise results for light to medium cutting projects.