Fur-Thinning Shears

The thinning shears is the magical tool for grooming fur: it is ideal for thinning long, curly or especially thick fur to achieve a soft bounce. Even the transition from the longer top coat to the shorter leg growth looks completely natural after thinning. In order to make thinning particularly safe even for sensitive areas, our product range includes thinning shears with rounded tips.
Either one or both of the two blades of the thinning shears is serrated, enabling the scissors to cut only one part of the hairs. The blades of rust-free stainless steel have a dual-surface special grind, and micro-serration holds the hair in place when cutting. The handles of ergonomically formed plastic fit comfortably in the hand. We also offer thinning shears with a hook on one eye of the scissors, which supports the finger and facilitates a steady, accurate cutting motion.