Fur Shears

In the wilderness animals usually have short fur and help themselves during moulting season by rubbing up against rough tree bark. Our domestic animals, with their longer hair, are dependent upon receiving help by human hands. If the long hair of an animal becomes wet, it tends to get knotty and even small branches easily get stuck in the belly hairs – the only solution is careful cropping.

Our fur shears have a dual-surface special grind, some even with micro-serration, which prevents the hairs from slipping during cutting. They are durably sharp and made of rust-free stainless steel, so that fur can even be shorn when wet. The shears have an ergonomically formed plastic handle that prevents slipping and fits comfortably in the hand. The shears are optionally available with a hook on the handle, which supports the finger and facilitates accurate cutting. The screw is adjustable to enable easy operation and to individually set the correct tension.