Multi-purpose Scissors 6001

With its sophisticated gear mechanism, the sturdy scissors uniformly distributes the necessary force to the cutting area; the closure is operable with the thumb of the same hand that holds the scissors.
The scissors has a rust-free steel blade on one side, and the opposite side is coated with antibacterial synthetic material. With its rounded shape, it glides over the layer underneath it, whether it be skin or textile, without endangering it in any way. The handles, made of impact-resistant and antibacterial plastic, fit comfortably in the hand.

This special feature of this compact scissors is its functionality. The single-sided rust-free steel blade meets the plastic blade at the bottom during cutting. Its rounded form allows it to glide over the cutting without damaging it.

  • Convenient unbreakable plastic handles
  • antibacterial plastic
  • rust-free
  • safety cap
33 mm
82 g
159 mm
5 mm
We recommend this scissors for

This scissors is particularly suited for: doctor's offices, clinics, the household and everyone who wants to have a bandage scissors on hand "just in case".

Scissor care


We guarantee you scissors of superior quality and long-term durability. When treated with due attention, this precision instrument will accompany you throughout a lifetime.


Although our scissors would survive a bout in the dishwasher, we instead recommend rinsing under warm running water with a bit of dishwashing liquid. Please don’t abuse your scissors with an abrasive scrubbing sponge; it causes ugly scratches and can diminish cutting performance.


Your scissor would prefer to be kept in a clean, dry place. By putting a small drop of mineral oil in the screw slot every once in a while, the scissors will retain its smooth handling properties.


A pair of scissors that has fallen on the floor can get warped – let a professional check whether it requires alignment. In the event that your scissors becomes dull after long-term, intensive use, it can be sharpened by a specialist.


Caring oil