Superior quality begins with high calibre raw materials. An essential factor for the optimal functionality and durability of a pair of scissors is the steel used for its production: scissors that carry the name Scherenmanufaktur Paul are crafted exclusively from special superior quality Solingen steel alloys. The properties "rust-resistant" and "tempered" are regulated by the volume of chrome and carbon, along with the treatment of heating the steel. Our steel alloys are nickel-free and therefore anti-allergenic. Almost all scissors are produced from stainless steel, which enables their safe exposure to moisture.

Our manufactory scissors are predominantly outfitted with handles made of plastic, which enables a particularly ergonomic form. We select the appropriate plastic compound to fit the application of the scissors – the composition is a closely-guarded company secret.

The handles are frequently injection-moulded directly on to the blades, which creates an exceptionally durable bond, or produced separately and subsequently gunned on. We only use plastics that have excellent non-fade, high-impact and heat-resistant properties. Scissors for medical applications are able to be sterilised.