Our goal is to provide you with scissors that are easy to cut with and do not cause fatigue – for any intended use and with every cutting material. This also holds true for those of you who are left-handed. We supply you with authentic left-handed scissors. That means that we adapt both the eyes of the scissors as well as the cutting blades to the modified grasping direction. This is because in order to optimally transport the force of the hand to the cutting material, the blade that is facing the user has a downward motion; the other an upward motion. If it was the other way around, one blade would block the sight and the force of your hand would press the blades apart instead of together.
As a result, our left-handed scissors are true customised models that give left-handers the right of way by turning around everything from stamping to grinding on to assembly. We have even designed the handle with the optimal ergonomic form, so that the scissors always rests balanced and comfortably in the left hand.