For Gardening Buffs:

Lawn-edging Shears 2970

Lawns are rather uncomplicated greenery; each gardening enthusiast happily views them as an element of design and looks forward to their lush growth. But when the blades of grass try to disperse themselves into flowerbeds and walkways, it’s time for the lawn-edging shears to make their move.

The powerful blade of rust-free stainless steel is slightly curved, in order to access all grass blades. The handles are ergonomically formed with a large lower eye, through which several fingers can fit to optimally transport the force of the hand. The lawn-edging shears therefore even effortlessly cuts thicker grasses. The plastic handles are injected directly on to the blade without gaps, to prevent dirt from accumulating there. The tension can be adjusted by turning the sturdy screw.

  • Ergonomic plastic handles
  • rust-free stainless steel
  • curved cutting edge
  • flattened blade shaft
  • stabile screw connection
89 mm
158 g
247 mm
We recommend this scissors for

This scissors is particularly suited for: housewives, garden and flower lovers, florists, amateur gardeners and everyone who enjoys flowers.

Scissor care


We guarantee you scissors of superior quality and long-term durability. When treated with due attention, this precision instrument will accompany you throughout a lifetime.


Although our scissors would survive a bout in the dishwasher, we instead recommend rinsing under warm running water with a bit of dishwashing liquid. Please don’t abuse your scissors with an abrasive scrubbing sponge; it causes ugly scratches and can diminish cutting performance.


Your scissor would prefer to be kept in a clean, dry place. By putting a small drop of mineral oil in the screw slot every once in a while, the scissors will retain its smooth handling properties.


A pair of scissors that has fallen on the floor can get warped – let a professional check whether it requires alignment. In the event that your scissors becomes dull after long-term, intensive use, it can be sharpened by a specialist.


Caring oil