Perfectly formed

The handles

The handle of the scissors determines whether it rests comfortably in the hand and does not cause fatigue during cutting. To enable a large pair of scissors to be held and guided by two or more fingers, one eye of the scissors is generally larger with a long, oval shape. Plastic handles can be particularly well-adapted to the anatomy of the hand. For our top-of-the-line scissors, the plastic handle is directly applied to the steel scissor blade by an injection moulding process.
Alternately, the injection-moulded handles are produced independently of the blades and subsequently gunned on. We use specially selected and custom-mixed plastics. All of these have non-fade, high-impact and heat-resistant properties.

We are not only devoted to creating the perfect form, but also a beautiful appearance. We can refine the handles with lacquers and paints, for instance to create a metallic look. On occasion, we also use wood or carbon for particularly elaborate and high-end scissor handle solutions.

The handles of forged scissors are made of stainless steel; they are formed in the embers in one piece together with the blades. Forged handles require a high degree of skill – their ergonomic shape and smooth surface are individual, handcrafted processes.