The Individualists:

Custom Scissors Meet Customer Requests

A gift is an expression of recognition and appreciation, all the more when the gift carries the personal moniker of the recipient or the logo of the business partner. In cooperation with you, we will be delighted to develop special scissors or scissor sets as a limited edition business gift, promotional trade fair giveaway or even as a unique made-to-order piece.
Our custom atelier is equipped to meet customer needs for anniversaries, grand openings (for example with tape-cutting ceremonies) or other special occasions.

Our custom scissors, personalised according to customer request, and as individual as they can be, are basically produced like all of our scissors: in our manufactory, according to traditional craftsmanship by artisans who are masters in their trade. The result: precision tools of timeless aesthetics and with a sustainable quality that makes lifelong companions.

Please feel free to contact us; we look forward to your inspirational ideas!